Ladies, Accessorize To Terrorize With These Ten Rings For Your Summer Nights Out

With Summer already cozying its way into our hearts, that means one thing for us ladies – wearing more skin baring looks or plainly less clothing, out to clubs, festivals + or the many wonderful warehouse or rooftop locations throughout Brooklyn. And unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past few months, I’m sure you couldn’t help but ignore finding articles on how easily us chicks get harassed in the EDM scene by ‘too grabby’ guys. So what’s a girl to do but accessorize to terrorize of course!

My weapon of choice is a ring that can expose it’s point, by either bending my finger or turning the ring in another direction, usually pointing upwards. So here are ten great choices to not only make your hands look chic but lethal just the same, to jab any guy who can’t seem to understand to stop touching you!


(L-R clockwise) 1- YUNUS & ELIZA Shard Ring made of Sterling silver plated titanium, looks like an ornate shield that melted just a bit, 2- PAMELA LOVE Champagne Diamond Ring is no surprise as Love’s jewelry always manages to charge up the warrior in all us girls. Handmade, this oxidized sterling silver tribal spike ring, with rows of tiny magnificent champagne diamonds is sure to mesmerize or terrorize, 3- LUIS MORAIS Double Spike Ring is simple yet pretty straightforward on 18k yellow gold featuring a front double spike design with polished finish, 4- STEPHEN WEBSTER Forget Me Not Ring made of Rhodium plated sterling silver is another ring to twist either end upwards to make your point get across,


Now don’t let simplicity fool you like 5- MIRTA Line Ring completely handmade of polished sterling silver ring from a straight single sterling silver bar, Mirta + 6- RYAN STORER Silver Broken Ring designed to be worn on either the index or middle finger + sit across another, but varies with its slight curve, For simple dramatics there’s 7- STEFFI – Ring – Oxidized in silver that looks like a geometrical structure just waiting to poke someone out of your way, + 8- BIJULES Solid Silver Isis Ring is a solid silver ring, designed to sit parallel to the length of the finger + can be squeezed to fit,


Then we have the beauty of snakes.  9- NAGA Ring Amulet Snake Ring although designed for men, I comfortably wear mine on my pointer finger, since it has an adjustable ring size due to its open end. But the best parts are its perfectly ornate top sticking straight up + the Thai belief how the image of Naga is extremely powerful protecting the wearer from anything harmful + repel bad or evil spirits, + 10- MARTHA ROTTEN Snake Ring handmade of lead free pewter with either Gray, Topaz, or Vitrail crystals, whose tail end is long enough to make a point if some jerk can’t seem to stay away,

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