Lip Service Can Be Had For Less

Thanks To The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem (And You Thought Only Witches Came Out Of Salem!)

 Not only have lips been a popularly recurrent symbol in fashion, from jewelry to textiles, here you have these golden lips which simultaneously satisfies that notion and the current trend of pins.  ‘Gold Lips Pin by Man Ray’ is not only understated, it is also very chic and super affordable.

Based on the lips of Lee Miller, Man Ray’s student then lover during the 1930’s, after their break-up, Man Ray often used Lee’s eyes and lips inn a lot of his work.  This ‘lip pin’ was inspired by a golden statue he had made of Miller during that time.  Available in both a small + large version, you can’t go wrong for how cheap they are.  In fact, they’re so, so inexpensive that you wouldn’t mind buying a lot of them, in both sizes, creating a 3D pattern on anything.  The large pair of lips actually jumped out at me as they look very similar to the ones on Diane von Furstenberg’s ‘Carolina Lips Clutch‘ seen in the ad below,

(photo: Camilla Akrans)

which is also a stunner.

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