Manish Arora’s Tribal Candy Store


When designing his Fall collection, Manish Arora must have been eating a lot of candy.  Models came out with looks that had literal prints of candy including cupcakes + rainbow sprinkles.  The sneakers also depicted a sweet tooth with a mix of bright colors with a heart on the tongue while hats were topped with a bright pom poms + shapes including fluffy moons.


The color palette also depicted a everything sweet with bright saturation, just like all artificially flavored + colored candy. 


The collection then shifted, showing tribal looks, worthy of any Bolivian, or Peruvian woman with style.  There were Peruvian embroidered skirts worn with belted jackets, usually with a decorative belt.  Another strong tribal look was an embellished capelet over a top with decorative cuffs + striped leg warmers over baggy pants.

(photos: Giovanni Giannoni)

(via WWD)

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