Mara Hoffman Hustles With Disco For Fall


Had you been at Mara Hoffman’s RTW Fall 2016 collection presentation, not your typical runway show, you could have easily picked out a lot of her favorite icons from the Seventies disco era. Cher, Grace Jones + Jerry Hall could all be spotted, if not channeled by Hoffman’s dead-on contemporary iteration, of looks from a time of sexual abandon, excess + artifice. As she told VOGUE RUNWAY, “It was about bringing all my muses into one place.”


From her tapestry printed dresses + caftans, signature brightly colored florals + sequined zebra stripes, the wearer could easily travel back in time, yet, always moving forward towards the present, with modern touches including flat laced up sandal shoes + dark nail polish. There were jumpsuits, halter tops, front tie blouses, wide leg trousers + plenty of maxi dresses to drool over.


The main goal of Hoffman’s show was to create an experience where she could imagine herself partying with her icons + this environment could story-tell this much better than the runway, as she told VOGUE RUNWAY. Of course, the best part of this story was 90ish acclaimed artist, performer + raconteur Ilona Royce Smithkin, who could easily be the kind of chick Cher, Hall + Jones would easily kiki with. She not only added that extra something to the whole presentation, but, it was Hoffman’s way of showing ‘the ageless + timeless beauty of women,’ as she put it.

Brava Mara!



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