Marc Jacobs’ Spring Screams Shine Carry Rave Repeat



For Spring, Marc Jacobs put together a rave complete with high shine, bright colors + sheer excitement, literally! With the help of Stefan Beckman converting the Hammerstein Ballroom into the perfect party space, complete with an elevated, grease-slicked stage with thousands of little lights strung above, the models began to come in one by one, like flashes of beaming light cast off one another.


As models go, they’re all usually very tall but for Jacobs, he needed more height, perfectly achieved by tons of pastel colored dreadlocks strewn through their hair along with super high platforms in various designs + colors. Of course, the same hair could’ve been better executed with tubular crin or cyber falls, often seen in a bevy of colors, on cyberpunk/goth chicks. Dresses were very short. Some were sheer, adorned with lace + ruffles, while others, teased with a pattern + peek-a-boo hole, front + center.


Shine blinded all from metallic lamé, a jacket with rainbow-patterned holographic sequins, to sequined accents + satin. At times, simple shapes were stripped of their purity by the addition of feathers. Subtlety, however, came in doses, from a simple camo print to thigh high cotton socks with sweet prints.


Once again, artist Julie Verhoeven lent her magical hand, having collaborated with Jacobs for his Spring 2002 Louis Vuitton show. This time, Verhoeven’s illustrations were embroidered on many designs including sweatshirts, bags + those wicked tall shoes, perfect for being noticed when you incite the perfect leg extension into your choreography while at a rave, once that bass drops.

Over + over, I couldn’t help but imagine seeing most of these looks inside some undisclosed Brooklyn warehouse location to listen to some killer techno, but simultaneously, my fantasy became bittersweet, in the thought of finding the slightest tear, cig burn or liquor stain on such beautiful pieces for partying as hard as mamma did!


(photos:  Umberto Fratini /


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