Maybe Artist Willi Dorner Has Devised A New Way To Stage Fashion Shows?


Well, At Least I’d Like To Think So

Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner has taken a simple notion and turned it into something really great – using people to fill-in or ‘color’ urban spaces, literally.  Yet, Doner’s imagination spares no limits to what groups of people, clad in colorful sweatpants + hoodies, can create in a matter of minutes, albeit live sculptures, a statement or simply, just art.


What’s just as interesting is how the the bodies embodiment of their own space is critical when contorting, to simulate something static or suspend motion, with no strings attached.  As for Doner, he says, ‘The intention is to show the functional urban structure + discover the possibilities of restricted movements + behavior, like the rules and limitations.’ 

Now tell me, don’t you think this would be a great way to start a fashion show (below), having the models walk out sideways, followed by the models facing each other then turning in tandem to face the audience?  Love, love, love.


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