Meet ‘LIKE’ Button’s More Emotional Friends


Finally, Facebook has realized that we’re all a complicated bunch, full of mixed emotions, needing more than a ‘LIKE’ button to tell the world how we really feel. So after a test run in some countries, Facebook announced today that the ‘LIKE’ button will now officially have a drop-down menu, with different emotions to choose from, including anger + wow.

I myself, along with many other Facebook members, often commented to things with the likes (HA!) of, “Too bad there’s not a HATE button on here!”, but of course, that would be considered too severe to the ‘powers that be’. These new ‘Likes’ are even going to be referred to as ‘Reactions’.

As seen below, when you hover over the ‘LIKE’ button, a pop up will appear offering six different reactions, known as “Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad + Angry”.


But, best part of it all is, THEY’RE ANIMATED! Anytime you hover over any ‘Reaction’, something happens like the GIF above.

Now, don’t be tempted to REACT differently to all of your old posts, if you can stand it?!


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