Melody Ehsani’s New Nail Wraps v. Bliss Lau’s Nail Designs


When I saw jewelry designer’s Melody Ehsani’s nail wrap collab with LA nail wrap company NCLA (pictured above) this morning, who came to mind but none other than genius jewelry designer Bliss Lau shown below.

(photo: [GIVEN] TO LOVE)

When I first heard of Bliss, her nail designs (inspired by Polynesian tattoos), as well as her ingeniously beautiful jewelry pieces, caught my attention.  Here are some of Ehsani’s nail wrap designs:


Sure, Ehsani makes it easy for the rest of us mere mortals to accomplish Bliss’s nail designs, but to painstakingly do it with polish, is pretty sick! Here I’ve put the two side by side + you be the judge.

Love Bliss Lau’s mani to the right, which mimics her Fathom Ring worn here by the designer herself. Her take is a lot cleaner, minimalist + elegant.


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