Moschino Takes To Cars For RTW Spring 2016 Inspiration


For Moschino’s RTW Spring 2016 collection, designer Jeremy Scott sought inspiration from cars, in different iterations.  Including street caution signage, safeguard construction materials, the road, leading to a carwash, Scott managed to create a collection full of tasteful kitsch, as always.

Street caution signage was present in yellow + black tape, from a large bow sash across a tight fitting black dress to strappy high heeled sandals. A metal fence was present, as a print on a grey dress, pulled together by an orange + white bow sash.

Fluorescent greens + oranges were sprinkled throughout the collection. The orange with reflective material was an obvious nod to construction cones. At times however, orange + green were present as bands of color on a lace coat.


Of course, the most clever of them all were the car wash pieces, like the skirt + tall hat, that look very much like the brushes that clean the cars, paired with a silver corset. This car wash brush piece, made another appearance as a beautiful stole for a halter fish tail dress, emblazoned with retro car wash signage, complete with bubble illustrations. But no Moschino collection would be complete without amazing accessories, such as a construction hat with black netting, a DO NOT ENTER bag + even an inverted orange + white cone purse.

As usual, this Moschino RTW Spring 2016 collection once again, proved to be a great success.


(pictures: Yannis Vlamos)



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