Norma Kamali Designs Ensembles For Her ‘Olympic Sport’ Exclusively For OC

With the buzz surrounding the opening of Opening Ceremony London, to commemorate the event, OC asked a few of their designer friends to create looks for their very own  Olympic Sport.  Watch here on how Norma Kamali’s Olympic sport is running in heels in a pencil skirt. ( Does she ever age?  Gorgeous!)

Within the 10-piece capsule collection and no pencil skirt in sight, let’s imagine what Norma’s creations could work for other than ‘running in heels’.  Take this dress for instance – perfect for opening ceremony festivities for swimmers sans lit torch.

The swimsuits below add enough fun for any Olympian, in + outside of the pool by switching up the order of the textiles (lamé  + stripes).

For breakfast, brunch, drinks or whatever, you can throw on this silver asymmetric skirt for the right amount of pop showing off your killer legs you slaved over all winter to get or legs you strategically accentuated by the touch of your personal spray tan technician.

If jeans, leggings / shorts are no longer your choice of bottoms, what about these fringed pants sure to spark conversation.  Totally look like black oil poured onto the model’s legs if not, painted latex and something Anne Hathaway’s / Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman would wear.

What if you’re a bit chilly but can’t commit to layering just yet, here are too cool alternatives – a silver fitted jean-style jacket and a bright yellow vest.

Supposing, there’s just too much to do about town and you really don’t care about brushing that ‘nest’ you call hair?  Well just throw on this adorable turban and you’re set to walk the streets with pride, even if it’s your ‘walk of shame’ for the third time that week.

The Olympics, known as the platform to exhibit the world’s best athletes committed to excellence, strength and skill, it’s obvy they all have great bodies.  So what to wear when you’re ‘off duty’?  Well, one of these Norma frocks to show it all off of course.

Available at Opening Ceremony London and online for purchase.


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