Origami Jackets By Robe Trouvè Are Sure To Make You The Center Of Attention


For Italian brand Robe Trouvè, it IS all about the jackets, but, with a twist or rather, a fold. Based on the concept of giving a new voice to second-hand garments, its central idea that connects all the inspirations is the memory with the aim of letting you find your own identity in garments that didn’t belong to Robe Trouvè.


Inspired by Japanese origami, the first collection is the result of an experiment in deconstruction + re-appropriation. According to the brand, ‘Origami is not more the transformation of something material to something completely new + different, with another soul’


Second-hand blazers + men’s suits, in good quality wool, cotton or linen, are taken apart, then combined with either another jacket + or the pants, in the most interesting ways. At times, you have a jacket with dramatic draping (above), above or all around. Then there’s a jacket like the one below, incorporating the pants along the front, while it makes its way around to the back. Of course, there’s also the sexy detail of black organza lining the inside of each jacket.


And you’ll be guaranteed not to find someone else with your jacket at a party, as each piece is unique. You can choose the model, the structure, but your jackets will be a different color + material, from all others, because they’re made by the rebirth of recycling. Robe Trouvè follows the tradition of Made in Italy + handmade by designer Linda Tranzillo.

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