Paco Rabanne’s Sporty RTW Spring 2016 Collection


I love Paco Rabanne’s futuristic sporty RTW Spring collection. There were leather tops that looked like the top of a swimmer’s maillot, while rainbow stripped strips, often seen as waistbands or trim on sports gear, decorated a ruffled shoulder accessory, if not, the front of a mini dress.


A lot of the pants had sheared sides, creating a beautifully frayed fringe, at times present on slide sandals to look like a cobweb of sorts.


The belt used was very utilitarian, with no real decorative appeal, which must’ve been the point. But my favorite part was the Paco Rabanne name in big black lowercase letters on waistbands of underwear + bras, peeking from the tops of pants + dresses.


(pictures: Yannis Vlamos)


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