My Xmas With Lisbeth

Lisbeth Sander 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' cause and yvette

Was more than thrilling!

Unlike many who spent their Xmas surrounding an endangered pine tree, tricked out in lights and ornaments, I chose to spend mine watching Lisbeth Sander (played by actress Rooney Mara) on the big screen. Lisbeth, for those who don’t know, is the femme fatale of all Femme Fatales in the flick THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (TGWTDT) directed by the talented David Fincher.

TGWTDT, the first novel of Steig Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, and Fincher’s first Hollywood cinematic attempt surprisingly (since Hollywood usually seems to fuck shit up) engages, captivates, excites and delivers! (hope Fincher directs the next two in the series) This film has it all folks – drama, comedy, sex, kink, murder, wit, intrigue and romance!

True, hottie Daniel Craig’s performance doesn’t disappoint, especially with his gorgeous face beautifully faceted with age, but Rooney Mara, who plays Lisbeth Sander, steals the show, hands down! Not only does she command empathy when at her ‘worst’, lucky for us, she does everything without apology, just how all women should be!

Then came that one scene, much to my heart’s content – Lisbeth’s rings designed by designer Jules Kim of Bijules get their close-up – shiny and huge on the big screen. On the left hand, is Bijules’s ‘Skinny Bar Ring‘ from her BJ by Jules Kim collection shown here:

Bijules’s ‘Skinny Bar Ring' BJ by Jules Kim collection cause and yvette

while sporting Bijules’s ‘Bony Knuckle Ring‘ from her Scream and Spirit Collection (below) on her right hand.

Bijules’s ‘Bony Knuckle Ring' Scream and Spirit Collection cause and yvette

So I urge you to deck yourself out in one if not both of these rings if you truly want to channel Lisbeth Sander as these can not be replicated.   Unless of course, you find many cheaper versions lacking that something special called authenticity.

Sure you can hit up mainstream and attempt to channel her with H&M’s Dragon With The Girl Tattoo collection, designed by the film’s costume designer, but why opt for disposable fashion, when you can truly have a keepsake like these rings by Bijules.

So run, don’t walk and see this flick!

Wrap Yourself In Geometry

With this scarf by designer Aiste Nesterovaite.

Very few scarves can be worn as a collar, necklace or just a plain old scarf, like this one designed by designer Aiste Nesterovaite. True, at plain sight, it’s just another infinity scarf but what sets this one apart from other infinity scarves out there is its play with geometric shapes and texture.

You can have the long rectangular shapes hang like a necklace while the knit part cozies your neck like a high collar as seen on the model. If that doesn’t move you, you can always just let it hang there like a necklace, which is just as interesting and begging for commentary.

Available in three colorways – dark gray, silver gray and black – this scarf, which is wearable geometry, is sure to become that piece which adds interest to your look. Go to Vespoe for purchase.