Paul Smith Men Stand Out With Color, Pattern + Whimsy For Fall


I love any man that wears Paul Smith. For a man to wear Paul Smith anything, they can’t be afraid of color, especially bright color or uber graphic patterns, which made this Fall Menswear collection another winner for me. There were plenty of mens suits in the mix, sporting trousers that either had a gentle low flare to narrow high crop, perfect for showing off a boot. Of course, these suits were anything but stuffy, paired with casual tucked in sweaters or at times, layering the jacket over a cardigan + shirt.


Smith’s suits furthered the casual vibe by adding patterns, if not graphic details. There was one with a bold vertical stripe right down both the jacket + pants, while another had two thin vertical stripes, in the same fashion. Yet, what made this suit different was that there were two pant stripes, making the pants look creased from afar. Another suit held your attention with its white multi-striped lapel, followed by piping along the front + bottom of the jacket, making it a winning combination when paired over a paisley patterned knit cardigan.


What struck me as wonderful was how when socks were not visible, + if they were, they were plain but colorful, was how a decorative pattern a sock might have, crept its way up an ensemble, like embroidered paisleys on jeans, as seen below.


I loved how Paul mixed different colored check patterns, then adding a striped neck turtleneck, with paisley salmon colored socks inside black + white polka dotted slip-on kicks.



(photos: Alessandro Garofalo)


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