Peaches Wants To Wrestle You For A ‘Close Up’

Wake up this morning to some wrestling + ‘Close Up’, the new cool + catchy track by Peaches. Featuring Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon as Peaches’ fur totting manager, counting bills while taking pulls from her vape stick, you see Peaches take care of business in the ring with a colorful bunch of opponents. Of course, once she + her blue-haired opponent lock lips, it’s all over, or is it?

But Kim Gordon is not the only notable to find in this video. Fascinated by Lucha VaVOOM, who make an appearance in the ring, Peaches has always been in interested in ‘the relationships between coach + student + between men + their sports,’ while revealing in a press release how she wanted to combine the two, but adding some little twists.

Be sure to check out new track ‘Close Up’ on Peaches’ upcoming album ‘Rub’, set to drop September 25.


(via DAZED)

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