Ribbons + Knits Riddle M. Patmos Resort


Be it cold or warm outside, I’m always a fan of knits + M. Patmos’ Resort collection is full of many favorites. However, the problem that most knitwear faces, especially in a color palette as basic as creams, blacks + a dash of metallics, is looking too crafty as if grandma took to the loom at a hummingbird’s pace. As Marcia Patmos told WWD, she centered her resort collection around the idea of a “modern-day heirloom” — those quirky vintage items you might find in your grandmother’s closet, which you like “but wish fit better or were more modern,” she said.

And as you look through the different pieces here, you can see Comme des Garçons influences in a sweater made up of many ribbons, tied together to create a thick piece of black moss (below), then paired with cropped black wide trousers.


At times, the ribbon motif takes on a braided one in a contrasting color, creating a DIY cabled effect on the sweater below.

Pants are always kept wide but usually kept long, with the exception of a cropped pair here + there. But this pant shape is best suited for perfectly complimenting boxy or trapeze-shaped tops (below), like the white top with pleated bottom, creating a silhouette of carefree elegance + ease. But skirts were either pencil knit, if not, a black circle shape with a sheer top layer, embellished with frayed black + white yarn knots (below), also seen on a cream sleeveless top.


The ribbon motif also made its way down to slide sandals + a big knit tote (above).

Overall, this collection has enough separates to elevate anything they’re paired with, no matter how low-end.



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