Rose McGowan Pushes The Boundaries Of Beauty In New Video For ‘RM486’

When talking about her new video for track ‘RM486’ in an interview with NOWNESS, Rose McGowan said,

“Not only did I not fit in, I didn’t want to fit in,”, adding, “I believe in civil disruption. I also think it’s important for bodies to be represented in a non-sexual manner, especially women’s bodies,”

+ in this case her’s certainly is, making it that much more beautiful. From the start, drenched all in white, complete with long white talons, she assumes different personas throughout, one more outrageous than the next. The beauty of her echoed vocals padded with synth pop beats, just glaze over all the visuals, making the whole experience that much more.

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund + styled by Swedish B. Åkerlund, all I kept thinking about were the crazy looks club kids create out of nothing, resulting in pure genius, that one would normally see at Ladyfag‘s infamous Shade parties in Brooklyn.



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