‘Sadly By Your Side’ Has Nothing Sad About It, But What Is It?

Is it a debut album?  Is it a book?  Is it an iPhone app?  Is it an interactive video?  Well, what if I were to tell you it’s all of the above?! 



(photos: Creative Applications Network)

Developed for electronic musician edisonnoside by graphic designer Matteo Di lorio, ’Sadly By Your Side’, the eight-song album, book + iOS app, is a processing + remixing tool that changes the song depending on what images your camera captures, granting the song infinite possibilities to never sound the same twice. The experience, described as synesthetic by Di lorio, incorporates sound, imagery + literature.  I wonder what the songs would transform into, repurposed + repackaged by the images captured of Banksy‘s art?  Check out the demo below.

‘Sadly By Your Side’ is the second project from Fabrica‘s ”Objectified mp3” series, a campaign in which all of the firm’s studios collaborate to redesign the way that they create, distribute + share its music is unique indeed.  Fabrica’s researchers arrived at this notion based on the question, ‘Given that music is now a largely digital experience, and physicality is removed or at least transposed, what else could we create around the distribution, discovery +  listening experiences?’  But the tracks themselves, make the experience that much more transcendent, emotional + unique to the user.  If you know anything about EDM, the sounds can sometimes revolve around beats, blips + beeps, resulting in a swell of emotion of epic proportions (think Richie Hawtin) + this opus is no exception.  Click here for your free app + watch it unfold.  

If you want to have a listen, here are the the songs from ‘Sadly By Your Side’ which is described as an album that describes + explores the theme of distance, how physical + emotional distance can act upon us like a thin blanket of fog, warm and embracing that tries to keep us safe. But when the music fades, we feel lonely + fragile once again, like we were before listening to it.  The record is a journey that takes us away from ourselves +, at the same time, helps us discover what it means to be home.

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