A Scarf That Wraps You With Geometric Allure

 grey and black geometric scarf for cause and yvette

A scarf on its own is already geometric as a long rectangle. However, this scarf by accessories designer Aiste Nesterovaite, full of geometric angles and curves can’t help but relish in its originality. Very few scarves can be this versatile. This scarf can be worn as a collar, necklace or just as a scarf, like this one.

What Makes This Scarf Special

True, at plain sight, it looks like just another infinity scarf but this one has something different. What sets this one apart from other infinity scarves is its play with geometric shapes and texture. In geometry, we find both lines and curves, both thankfully found in this scarf. And for that extra something, there is a little fringe attached to the bottom edges along the top or bottom of scarf, depending on how you choose to wear it of course.

models wearing models wearing grey and black geometric scarf for cause and yvette

Wear it in several ways. You can have the long rectangular geometric shapes hang like a necklace while the knit part cozies your neck like a high collar as seen on the model above. You let it hang there like a necklace, begging for commentary as shown above right. And if that doesn’t move you, just try wrapping it around twice for a layered effect as seen below right.

Playing With Geometry Around Your Neck

Consequently, the versatility of this geometric scarf doesn’t end there. This scarf can be dressed up and or dressed down. As seen in both images above and below, this scarf would compliment both a dressy look just as much as it would a casual one. But isn’t it fascinating to see how wearing the scarf the same way with either outfit, changes the look completely. When wearing the scarf with the tunic dress or pants as a long circle, the dress looks more casual but when layered, it gives it a more sophisticated ‘put together’ feel.


Available in three colorways – dark gray, silver-gray and black – this scarf, this geometric scarf, is sure to become that piece which adds interest to your look. Go to Vespoe for purchase. If you want more information on designer Aiste Nesterovaite, click here.


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