Sharpie, A Beauty Ma(r)ker?

I swear by this!

You know when you’re getting all dolled-up for that hot date, last minute hook-up or that fabulous New York Fashion Week (NYFW) party, as you look in the mirror, you shriek in horror to find the worst fashion accessory ever – a zit! It’s red, beaming + sometimes pulsating like a siren, alerting on-lookers, “Look at me, ain’t I ugly?!” But it is this reaction that compelled me to come to this resolve which by most accounts, might be considered a little crazy (and boy, do I know all kinds of crazy!) if not dumb, but you be the judge.

So the logic lies in this:  If people are going to zone in on your pimple anyway, telling you just as annoyingly as, you look tired (“How rude! – ‘no shit’ – like I don’t use mirrors in the morning!”), why not turn that eye sore into a mark of beauty, with the help of a Sharpie?

Now the only rule, of course, is to know your boundaries of placement. If your pimple is on the tip of your nose or the middle of your forehead, there is no way to make THAT look sexy. Also, if it’s too close to your lip, as sexy as a mole placed there is, it would break my heart to know someone out there did this and then find themselves being asked what happened to it, after taking a bite out of something? Not cute!

I usually use a black Sharpie and on occasion, a black + a brown Sharpie combo, to dab a black dot on my pimple and off I go. No stressing about how big, yellow (yes, yellow – we’ve all been there! ) or red my pimple is, because now I’m sexier than before, with my new beauty mark! But this is no ordinary beauty mark either because underneath the Sharpie, by next day, my pimple has shrunken in size. I do it all the time + why you’ll always find a Sharpie in my medicine cabinet.

Now, I’m no medical professional + you won’t find any FDA props/accolades here but next time you find yourself with that unwanted zit, take a risk + a page from my beauty book + see how it goes.

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