Siki Im’s Fall Looks For The Modern Vampire


As luck would have it, there was a Fall collection inspired by vampires, my favorite! Siki Im’s Fall Menswear collection had models walking down the runway with dripping bloody mouths, one could refer to as dried blood, as well as ‘blood drenched’ ears, with ‘blood’ dripping down their necks. According to VOGUE RUNWAY, regarding designer Im, “…he listed his favorites in the program notes, classics old + new, ranging from Nosferatu + Dracula to The Hunger + Only Lovers Left Alive.”

With a color palette of black, blood red + burgundy, there were plenty of obvious choices for the modern vampire, including leather looks + texture, but, with twists of their own, naturally.


There were jackets + pants, with leather panel accents in geometrical shapes, where in the case of pants, the leather on front, seemed to highlight the crotch area, which, in keeping with the vampire theme, could remind the viewer of a vampire’s virility + undying sex appeal. Zippers were also seen throughout, from the bottom of pants to the sides of sweaters. There was as much tailoring as there were relaxed looks, like those featuring drop crotch pants + skirted looks paired with a burgundy short sleeve tee, decorated with a black + white abstract ‘Vampyro Lesbos’ scene (another famous vampire flick), over a long blood red sleeve tee. This tee in fact, among others, was from Im’s extension line, Den Im, shown together with the Siki Im main line.


David Bowie, in ‘The Hunger’, easily came to mind in a look that featured a textured mohair dark burgundy blazer, minus lapel, over a white tee, over a french-cuffed white shirt with a burgundy leather accented v-neck (above).

Overall, the collection is very wearable, with pieces I wouldn’t mind seeing on whomever ‘he’ is on any given week! But besides listing his favorite vamp flicks in his program notes, Im told VOGUE RUNWAY, “The reason we love vampire films is because we recognize something in ourselves. We all have demons. It’s human nature. We’re not perfect, + there is beauty in our imperfection,” + who could argue with that beautiful truth?

moncy1_MON0008(photos: Monica Feudi)




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