Smell Like Your Favorite Vice With The Help Of Kilian


Considered perfume as art, perfumes by Kilian are intoxicating, hypnotic + unique. They’re so unique in fact, you can easily smell like your favorite vice + still retain every bit of class.


With the perfume line known as ‘Addictive State Of Mind’, there is ‘Light My Fire‘ that hints at cigar tobacco + my favorite, ‘Smoke For The Soul‘, which smells like ‘skunk’ weed, a type of marijuana. If caffeine is your addiction, there’s ‘Intoxicated‘ which smells like amazing Turkish coffee.


Kilian’s ‘Boutique Exclusives’, including ‘Single Malt‘ + ‘Vodka On The Rocks‘, smell like just that. When you deeply inhale ‘Vodka On The Rocks’, you can almost savor that piercing Vodka after taste + hear the ice cubes in your glass.    If you happen to be into something a little sweeter + not as strong, there’s also an ‘Apple Brandy‘ perfume. The amazing thing about Kilian’s perfumes is that you don’t require a whiff of coffee beans to cleanse your palette, in order to smell the difference from one scent to the next.

So if any of these perfumes happen to smell like your favorite vice + you care to do without any of the health risks attached to that vice, be sure to pick up one of Kilian’s perfumes above. You won’t regret it + you’ll be sure to stand out from everyone else + pick up some new admirers along the way.

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