Spike Jonez Spikes Kenzo World’s New Campaign

Get enraptured by Spike Jonze’s new campaign for ‘Kenzo World’, KENZO’s first fragrance, which is a ‘must cop’ based on the packaging alone (below). Known as the creator behind a lot of Kanye West’s videos + pop culturally significant films including ‘Her’, where ironically (or is it?), Kenzo Creative Directors Carol Lim + Humberto Leon served as its Costume Designers, this video truly exudes much excitement that is what KENZO is all about. From their patterns, bright colors, silhouettes, cuts, accents, accessories, simply just everything, this fragrance seems to promise to grant the wearer exhilaration + that joie de vivre, but who am I to argue?


Featuring American Actress + Dancer Margaret Qualey, you first see her attending a fancy event at Lincoln Center, which she politely excuses herself from, simply to carry on wearing a beautiful jade green dress + perfect dance-ready black heels, in a modern dance number, within the venues opulent empty halls. And what girl wouldn’t want to work themselves up like this, complete with lasers shooting out of your hands when you point to things with contempt?! But the best is yet to come when she exits Lincoln Center and jumps through a big eye!

Love, love, love!



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