The ‘Bianca’ Bandana By piece Is Pure Fiya

In adding ‘Bianca‘ by piece to any look is sure to add that delicate touch with its sheer delight. Embellished by ornate hibiscus + black hand-beaded custom frosted + shiny crystal sequins alongside hand-dyed beads, shine + matte textures get to play ‘nice’ with one another for added impact. Noted as a collection favorite for designer […]

‘Roxie’ Will Make ANY Man Stand Out

Now if I haven’t mentioned it before, the neck accessories by piece recently posted are genderless but for argument’s sake, ‘Roxie‘ would look amazing with any look for guys. Featuring multiple layers of stacked sequin beading, creating tarnished metallic flower blooms with clusters of studded crystals at their center, opal cupped paillets add more intricacy to […]

WANTED: Pink Cotton Tattoo Collar By Vivetta

*Before I continue, I would just like to apologize for being MIA for the past few days – having the flu is no party + neither is reading forced content. There’s no denying I love tattoos, so when I came across Vivetta’s‘Pink Cotton Tattoo Collar’, I thought this is a ‘must have’ for anyone’s Spring wardrobe. […]

There’s nothing better than an accessory that assumes the form of something utilitarian but in fact, it just exists as a form of expression + adornment, which is exactly what these ‘Acrylic Glasses’ by Shalo Shayo are all about.  Yet, what makes this glasses, in the trendy circular shape so special, are the words ‘See […]

How Jewelry Designer Annelise Michelson Helps Vegans Eat Meat Without Guilt

Of course, jewelry designer Annelise Michelson would do this with her ‘Gold Carnivore Choker’.  Featuring a graphic zigzag cutout at the center that goes all the way around, not only does that turn it into a statement piece, but it does so with a bite of humor (couldn’t resist!). It’s obvious this piece would look great […]

The Seahorse, An Unlikely Spring Hair Accessory

I’m sure you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for even suggesting such a thing, but the idea of wearing a dead sea animal in your hair is not as crazy as you think.  For me, when I saw the seahorses above, at a shop that sold antiques, as soon as I saw their straight tails, I […]

WANTED: Grey Sweet Summer Sunglasses By Andy Wolf

I soooo need these sunnies in my life! Sporting cat-eye shaped ‘Grey Sweet Summer Sunglasses’ By Andy Wolf, is a perfect way to get you noticed, this new year.  Part of Wolf’s new collection, with a grey acetate frame + gold mirrored lenses, these sunglasses will definitely compliment the color ‘Radiant Orchid’, Pantone’s ‘It Color’ for 2014.  […]

Super Duper’s ‘Mercurial Transformable Hat’ Spoils You With Three Hats In One

Meet Super Duper’s ‘Mercurial Transformable Hat’.  Handmade of 100% lapin fur felt, you get three hats in one.  Zip on the brim for a chic fedora (above), wear it as a simple naval style cap (below), or zip on the ear flaps for a cold winter’s night, as seen below. This hat is definitely a worthy […]