A Chair That Can Clearly Change Your Mood Beautifully

Anything that involves layering is usually a good thing, including dressing + painting. So, imagine my surprise when I came across South Korean graphic + industrial designer Sohyun Yun‘s ‘The Layer Chair’?! Granted, it quickly brought to mind the technique of painting different layers of glass, giving your painted piece a 3D effect, but, I’ve never seen it applied to […]

Michael Dotson Plays With Painted Patterns

‘Couch Painting’ Addicted to patterns of all types, when I saw Michael Dotson‘s paintings, I gagged.  A lot of which look like digital art, including ‘Couch Painting’ above, bearing a likeness to glitch-art, it’s hard to believe it was created with a paintbrush + acrylic paint. ‘Night Bright’ + ‘Dreamhouse #1’ ‘Gesture Control’ A lot […]

Clearly, You’re Going To Love These For Spring

With perspex clutches, PVC shoes + bags + clear sunglasses having their moment on the ‘must have’ list for Spring, enter Cooee Design.  Based in the south of Sweden, Cooee believes in mixing classic Scandinavian style with modern materials like corian + acrylic, combined with more known materials like silver, gold + leather.  What I […]