It looks like Wednesday is going cray cray!  Now, instead of insanity being quiet, it’s now animated + evil, with plenty of curves + style, in MADLICK’s ‘Colombine’ music video. In case you didn’t know, MADLICK, is an Acid dance crew from Berlin, featuring Jiga + Eva, that produce hauntingly cool sounds.  In their live shows, they use a […]

‘GIF-iti’ By Insa Might Make You Dizzy

When offline meets online like this, who would expect such genius? After collecting images of his graffiti artwork from around the world, designer INSA animated them as GIFs + calling the series ‘GIF-iti’.  The series is comprised of graffiti wall murals that are each hand painted + photographed in sequences of 8 frames.  Sounds easy, right?  Some of […]

For #ThrowbackThursday, here’s Prada‘s ‘Trembled Blossoms’, the first fashion film of it’s kind by a luxe fashion house, showcasing actual pieces from a collection – specifically shoes, a dress + a bag, from Prada’s SS/08 collection. In this animated short, directed by James Lima, illustrations by James Jean (below) set the tone, accentuating the elaborate curves, patterns + characters […]

Quentin Jones: Naked with Paint on The Genius That Is All Quentin Jones Is Realized Here With The Artist Using Herself As Canvas. London Fashion filmmaker, illustrator, animator and basically, master storyteller, Quentin Jones shows us again how gifted she is with her personal project above, her latest animated short. Created on a whim, during […]