Gucci’s Glamorous Excess Dazzles For Spring

When you quickly glance at Gucci’s Spring collection, you catch glimpses of different points in history while all making sense. With excess being synonymous with glamour, especially that of the Seventies, Gucci managed to feature a lot of the obvious kind but then drop subversive hints of other which included something as sweet as embroidered […]

For Spring, Simone Rocha Delivers Sheer Poetry

For it’s RTW Spring 2015, Simone Rocha literally kept things light.  There were plenty of sheer tulle looks in various colors including white accented by hand crocheted white flowers.  Other times, there were red embroidered flowers on a pink tulle trench, creating a floral windswept look where the wearer happened to be the victim of […]

For Pre-Fall 2014, Oscar de la Renta’s Ladylike Appeal Gets A Modern Twist

For Oscar de la Renta, the challenge of a Pre-Fall 2014 collection is how ‘It encompasses all seasons.’  But regardless of this, Oscar tells WWD that ‘the most important thing is to make a woman look great.’  So the key here was variety + boy, did Oscar deliver. There were day looks that celebrated the female […]