Ahhh, nothing better than waking up to the sound of empowerment, especially when it’s Charli XCX, in a new video for ‘Breaking Up’!  Breaking up, usually painted as something that’s too hard to do, is sometimes the only thing you CAN do, particularly when the relationship is so wrong.  But when Charli makes it look like this much fun,  the […]

Manish Arora’s Tribal Candy Store

When designing his Fall collection, Manish Arora must have been eating a lot of candy.  Models came out with looks that had literal prints of candy including cupcakes + rainbow sprinkles.  The sneakers also depicted a sweet tooth with a mix of bright colors with a heart on the tongue while hats were topped with a […]

‘Spring Breakers’ Will Break You + Send You On Your Way Wrapped In Neon

Friday, I watched flmmaker Harmony Korine’s latest flick, ‘Spring Breakers’, + it’s definitely a ‘must see’.  Most critics have already panned it as basically being a waste of time, full of debauchery or just another flick with lots of tits, sex, drugs + lots + lots of beer!  Spring Break has always been a time […]

Tilda Swinton, The Master Chameleon, Looks Sick On The Cover Of Candy

For It’s Recent Issue, ‘The Extra Extravagance Issue’.  (The Top Kind of reminds me of Theirry Mugler’s ‘Motorcycle Corset’, Right?) Here’s a look at the spread beautifully captured by photographer Xevi Muntané. (photos: Xevi Muntané) Nothing is ever too extra for Tilda, is there!?  Love, love, love! (via KARLISMYUNKLE)