If you thought Sia’s conceptual video for ’Chandelier‘ was amazing + afterwards thought, ‘I wish I could get that one move down’, thankfully, NOWNESS is here to help.  Check out the instructional video above, by none other than choreographer Ryan Heffington, the master behind the moves.  Of course, Heffington was channeled beautifully through 11yo dancer, Maddie Ziegler in […]

Here’s the new video for Sia‘s latest single ‘Chandelier’ starring Maddie Ziegler, a crazy talented young dancer + star from tv show ‘Dance Moms’.  Leaping, slithering + stomping the air, with the occasional smile, Maggie translates the song through interpretive dance beautifully, inside what looks like an abandoned apartment. Co-directed by Sia + Daniel Askill […]