Beautiful Portraits Inspired By Shamanism, Sacred Geometry + Wisdom

Stylist/Shaman Mia Morgan‘s, make-up/body paint artist Georgina Billington‘s + photographer Lindsay Adler‘s collaboration resulted in the beautiful photographic series ‘Visionary Art Project‘, based on the expansion of consciousness through art. Inspired by shamanism, wisdom + sacred geometry, each design was created with a different concept based on these inspos. For more on the ‘Visionary Art Project’, go to kickstarter. (via […]

Follow a fashionable cyborg’s stream of consciousness while she contemplates her technical enhancements in the half fashion film, half sci-fi narrative, ‘CyBelle Horizon’.  Featuring Rachael Reichert‘s 2013 fashion collection, including the ever popular Fiber Optic Corset Dress, you witness the risks involved in society’s relentless obsession with technology.  (via NJAL)