WANTED: ‘Shadow Blazer’ + ‘Shadow Pant’ By Julian Zigerli

To call Julian Zigerli one of my favorite menswear designers is an understatement. Not only do I live for his patterns + silhouettes, I love the fun he has with his designs. Take this amazing ‘Shadow Blazer’ + ‘Shadow Pants’ as a for instance. The ‘Shadow Blazer’, made of 100% cotton, has a strategically placed all-around […]

Add Color To Your Fall Looks With JOUR/NÉ’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ Collection

For Fall, why not add punches of color into your wardrobe like pieces from JOUR/NÉ‘S FW/15 ‘Over The Rainbow’ collection, which is done in the most subtle of ways. Featuring inside lining edges, similar to the coat above, along with edged sweaters, piped pockets + the occasional buttons, in primary bright yellow, red + blue, […]


When you see designer Mona Velciov’s MONOTIP tees from her ‘KOH-I-NOOR BROOCHES’ collection, you must admit feeling a small smirk making it’s way to the corner of your mouth.  Usually, tees are considered a common denominator when it comes to fashion, ascribing to every class level.  Of course, through the years, plenty of designers have […]

The Meshit SS/15 preview collection by designers Ida Steixner + Lena Krampf takes a playful approach to represent Viennese interiors through simple, relaxed + functional pieces.  Inspired by the work of Viennese photographer Matthias Aschauer, whose past two years focus was on documenting empty houses, flats + abandoned places, the collection breaks up the city by texture + color.   A […]

WANTED: ‘Mini Gun Dress’ + ‘Half Gun Dress’ By Jealousy

There’s no denying you’ll spark conversation in one of these gun print dresses by Jealousy.  Besides their mirrored tattoo-gun print, these cotton dresses both have more going for them than their different lengths. The ‘Mini Gun Dress’ above, not only has gun printed raglan sleeves, it also features an overlaying v-neck bodice which is a very subtle yet sexy […]