3 Designer Shoes Perfect For Fall Season

Fall Shoes 2018 favorites, Part One

(photo: Guy Bourdain) There’s no denying I love designer shoes, especially when it comes to this Fall season. And WHY do you ask? Simply, variety, variety, variety, and boy, is there plenty for everyone! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there will always be predictable contenders to be coveted by all. It’s Fall after all, […]

The ‘Hollywood Glam Collection’ Features Facial Jewelry For Both Him + Her

Facial jewelry is nothing new, but in the hands of designer Jean Gritsfeldt, it’s fashioned to appeal to both sexes which makes it so special. Comprised of lip + nose clips + earrings with crystals, the Hollywood Glam collection is designed to fit any look you wear with them. Unlike the earrings, you can wear the ‘Nose Clip Crystals’ on […]