Best & Worst Dressed | SAG Awards 2014

Unlike this year’s Globes, there were a lot more misses than hits on the SAG Awards red carpet.  Some of my favorite actors wore looks that made me want to scream at their stylists for picking such ugliness, so let’s start with the BEST. (L-R) Lupita Nyong’o once again killed it, but this time in a […]

Raf Simons Snags Plastikman For Guggenheim Gala

As if Raf Simons could get any cooler, now I find out he too loves EDM like me + countless others.  Since Dior is in charge of providing entertainment for this year’s 2-day Guggenheim Gala in November, Raf Simons thought no one would be better than DJ Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman (one of Hawtin’s most […]

Let’s Commemorate Bastille Day With That Other French Revolution Won By The Americans – ‘Versailles ’73’

This Sunday, marks the anniversary of Bastille Day, the day citizens victoriously stormed the Paris Bastille in 1789, at the outset of the French Revolution + what better way to commemorate this revolution than remembering another kind of French revolution.  This one however, took place in Versailles 1973 + it was the American fashion designers that victoriously stormed […]

Ever Consider Owning A Designer Tombstone?

Well With The ‘Seven Feet Under’ Photographic Series You Can Unlike the famous Louboutin red soles, not many focus on the bottoms of designer shoes, especially like Photographer Philippe Vogelenzang. For his photographic series ‘Seven Feet Under’, Philippe photographed the soles of shoes by famous designers including Lanvin, Moschino, Prada + Dior, where he crops the […]