A Womenswear Editorial Full Of High Fashion In Motion

For this KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial, photographer Annie Lai manages to infuse both background + subject in a beautiful juxtaposition of texture + patina, with various backgrounds to really set the mood. Featuring model Lisa Marlier, stylist Yun Nam Ho sets the perfect tone with fashions by Issey Miyake, Rachel O’Mahony, MingJanet, Shabnam Eslambolchi + Scottacus […]

Hunger’s Latest Young Blood Series Is All About Texture

Sometimes the sense of touch seems to outweigh that of sight or sound.  There’s nothing like the sensation of feeling the fabric of a sleeve, lapel or a crease between your fingers.  But I’m not going to get to touchy-feely here as the mix of textures is what kills in the latest ‘Young Blood’ series […]

There’s nothing I love more than men in pink + in fashion film ‘Candy’s Room’,  for ‘Jesus And Other Superheroes’ editorial, it just gets better when the men are this appetizing.  A KALTBLUT exclusive,  photographer Luis Carlo Aguayo creates portraits of models Pol Gerez + Fernando Garcia, that are a perfect mix of opposites, hard + soft. Pairing […]

‘Sweet Like Candy’ Editorial Is Sure To Give You A Sweet Tooth

With photography + art direction by Riccardo Dubitante  + styled by Claudio Massimo bui for kaltblut magazine, flirty simple eccentricity is clearly the mood here. Dresses by Daizy Shely at times look like pulled taffy if not cotton candy.  Meanwhile, hair bows by CORSINELABEDOLI look like they’re made of a hard + shiny Starburst. (L-R)L-Head Bows:CORSINELABEDOLI / […]

Kate Moss’s 60th Anniversary Playboy Cover Is So Good, It Will Make You Sick

Check out Kate Moss’s 60th Anniversary Playboy cover shot by the amazing photography duo, Mert Alas + Marcus Piggott (Mert + Marcus) – AND she’s turning 40 too (Jan 16th to be exact)!  I know, gag right?! The cover was first leaked through Instagram by Mert Alas, in a pic of Kate cuddling with the magazine, […]

RiRi + Damien Hirst Create Sickness For British GQ’s 25th Anniversary

Isn’t this cover just amazing?  To celebrate British GQ’s 25th anniversary, amazing artists Rihanna + Damien Hirst, collaborated on an art project like no other.  The full portfolio will be available on newsstands + available to download for iPad, Android and Kindle Fire from 31 October. Judging from work by RiRi + Hirst, I’m sure we’re in for a real […]

SIREN’s SONG By Hannes Caspar

For kALTbLuT magazine, classical pianist Jack Woodhead is beautifully captured by Berlin photographer Hannes Caspar.  Wearing CEXN, a label by Bartholomäus Wischnewski + Dana Mikelson, from the ‘SIREN’s SONG’ series + practically nothing else, Woodhead is stripped down to a form of expression complimenting the piece(s) he’s wearing, which are true works of art.  Using various materials […]