Issey Miyake’s Hypnotic Kaleidoscopic Ballet

Checkout Issey Miyake’s kaleidoscopic ballet featuring the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection. Documenting the balletic finale, British photographer Jacob Sutton, captured the movements of both clothing + models, highlighting the collection’s many lines + geometric patterns, in this cool fashion film. The soundtrack makes the film that much more captivating. Enjoy! (via VOGUE PARIS)

Getting Linear For Spring

Is made easy by these beautiful necklaces. Designed by Swedish jewelry designer Karin Johansson, these necklaces at first glance, seem too rigid to be worn let alone lend themselves to be anything but beautiful, yet luckily for the wearer, the necklace manages to tell its own story with elegant simplicity. Carefully and lovingly made by […]

A Scarf That Wraps You With Geometric Allure

models wearing Geometric scarves by designer Aiste Nesterovaite for cause and yvette

A scarf on its own is already geometric as a long rectangle. However, this scarf by accessories designer Aiste Nesterovaite, full of geometric angles and curves can’t help but relish in its originality. Very few scarves can be this versatile. This scarf can be worn as a collar, necklace or just as a scarf, like this one. What […]