15 Pink Pieces Perfect For Spring

Pink is one of Spring’s trends you can embrace especially with so many variations of this color. But really, when ISN’T pink a trend during this season?! Either way, whether going ‘full on’ pink, from head-to-toe or just adding a hint here + there, just do it! But if you don’t know where to begin, here […]

Get Noticed By Adding ‘Florence’ To Your Look

When you think of accessories to adorn the neck, necklaces, chokers + or scarves usually come to mind without batting an eyelash + then, piece throws a wrench in the whole equation by creating such beauty! For the next few days, I will feature a different one of their creations just so you can gain […]

A Bag Collection To Match With This Year’s Pantone Colors

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but, pastels make great neutrals, similar to grey, black, navy + brown. And with this year’s Pantone colors being Serenity + Rose Quartz, a soft pink + a light blueish-lavender, there is no mistaking any of these bags will accessorize either color perfectly. The ‘Pack Bag Collection’ by AliK, a […]

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For You!

Relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself with a present, especially when it’s a cool pair of shoes like these by i’alave.  Both sexy, fun + unique, designer Eva Lai with her i’alave brand, believes that modern women are expressive, have a desire to be independent, purposeful, thoughtful, feminine + strong, which […]

How To Wear The Cage Of A Champagne’s Cork

Inspired by the cage of the Champagne’s cork, jewelry designer Isla Fontaine’s ‘Cage Ring’ is sure to spark up conversation wherever you go.  As Fontaine’s first fine jewelry piece, you can’t help but be in awe of the look of this ring. Handcrafted by Italian goldsmiths, this beautiful ring features a stunning amethyst stone within a gold […]

KOSLAK Mixes Old Craftsmanship With Modern + Edgy Design For PROJECT: ZSHI’ (4) THE CRAFT OF MY ANCESTORS

PROJECT: ZSHI’ (4) THE CRAFT OF MY ANCESTORS by KOSLAK, combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design + edgy fashion, to create unique wooden pieces that not only talk about the people from the Ladakh region, but also about their hopes + their Buddhist beliefs.  Utilizing the special skills from the local Ladakh craftsmen + using traditional Buddhist motifs […]

Leather Fur Bags By Marie Viltoft

The mix of leather with fur is always a winning combination + with these Leather Fur bags by Marie Viltoft, you’ll definitely not fall short from gaining new admirers.  Her handcrafted ‘Leather Fur Folded Clutch’ white or black leather calfskin + either Spanish green, Spanish baby pink or Spanish red lambskin, comes with a detachable metal chain, turning […]

‘Conjoined Illusion’ Shoe Collection

There’s no denying that most women adore shoes.  Sure, some might collect them just for the label, but then there are those like me, who can look at a shoe as a piece of wearable sculpture.  Yet who am I kidding, some labels are to be coveted.  Inspired by mirroring, reflection + conjoined twins, the ‘Conjoined […]