As if my day couldn’t get any better, here’s Azealia Banks’ new video for ‘Heavy Metal And Reflective’ which in one word is simply dope!  Directed by Rob Soucy + Nick Ace, the video opens with Azealia being kidnapped to breaking free from her captors, with a lot to say.  From the opening chrome-like credits […]

Tomorrow’s World: Inside on Tomorrow’s World music video for ‘Inside’, shot by director Gauthier Flauder, will make you want to flow like water, with vocals by Lou Hayter seducing you to jump in, head first.  French music producer Jean-Benoît Dunckel, one half of both Air + Tomorrow’s World, told NOWNESS how they ‘like to deal with a certain modern […]

Prepare to get chills – Here’s Adele’s James Bond theme song called ‘Skyfall’, accompanied by a 77-piece orchestra.  All you can think is, ‘She was born to sing a Bond song’!  Definitely one of the best I’ve ever heard – WERQ! Eventhough the movie’s not out yet, the single is now available on iTunes + […]