The Night I Met Lauren Hutton

In mid-May, I attended ‘Fashion Icons: Lauren Hutton in Conversation with Fern Mallis’ at the 92Y + was extra excited.  Mind you, Lauren, the iconic model + actress, is the woman that’s had me wishing for front-gapped teeth since I was little.  Not even sticking spinach purposely between my front teeth could replicate her smile. […]

Converse Jack Purcell The Simpsons Slip-On For Disaffected Youths Everywhere

Aren’t these kicks dope?  A Converse Jack Purcell Slip-on shoe decorated with ‘The Simpsons’ would add the right amount of playfulness to any look, day or night.  A navy blue print of ‘The Simpsons’ sits on top of its white canvas base + white midsole.  The classic Jack Purcell arc above the white toe + the […]