Kelela’s Video For

Check out Kelela‘s video for ‘A Message’, the new track off her forthcoming EP ‘Hallucinogen’.  Directed by Daniel Sannwald, Kelela’s sexy + smooth vocals take us through intoxication + longing, leading to desire, made up of colorful swirls that swallow the artist, turning her into an animated version of herself. A killer collaboration with producer Arca, here’s […]

For #ThrowbackThursday with a twist, here’s ‘Say My Name’ featuring Kelela for Bad Day Magazine.  In it, that old Destiny’s Child hit of the same name, serves as the soundtrack sung by Kelela herself, as some famous people try pronouncing her name.  The famous people starring are Kelela, Glenn O’Brien, Emilie Hawtin, Elizabeth Trieu, Joshua Winstead […]