“Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” Wrestles With Powerful Themes and Emotions In London

Wrestle, Asphalt, Muscle & Bone, Bill Hayward, film still, cause and yvette

(film still: “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, *The Museum of Emotions-Performance Gallery #2, Bill Hayward) *Click here to see film excerpt Bill Hayward‘s award-winning film “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” does more than wrestle with powerful visuals. It also wrestles with the complexity of emotions through different themes. An official selection in this year’s North Europe International Film Festival: […]

6 Unisex Perfumes To Make Every Day Fit For Love

6 Unisex Perfumes, Nick Knight, cause and yvette

Even though Valentine’s Day was yesterday, you can still evoke the romance behind love with perfume. Smells have the power to spark memories long forgotten by time and circumstance. It just takes one fragrance note to take you there, the same way two notes of a song are enough to tell you what it is. […]

Intoxicate + Turn Up The Heat Even More With Scented Jewelry By Killian

As Summer temperatures keep rising, nothing is more invaluable than one’s scent or fragrance, to keep you smelling fresh + clean. It just so happens that as our body temperature rises, whatever fragrance we wear intensifies, allowing for very little application. Of course, some men didn’t get that memo + still feel the need to drown […]

Kelela’s Video For

Check out Kelela‘s video for ‘A Message’, the new track off her forthcoming EP ‘Hallucinogen’.  Directed by Daniel Sannwald, Kelela’s sexy + smooth vocals take us through intoxication + longing, leading to desire, made up of colorful swirls that swallow the artist, turning her into an animated version of herself. A killer collaboration with producer Arca, here’s […]

REVIEW: ‘Mexico’ Album By Gus Gus

There’s nothing I love more than an artist with range + Gus Gus is definitely in that category.  To hear just one sound + one voice, tends to grow weary on the listener no matter if you’re looking back or looking forward, and their ‘Mexico’ album is just that, especially with twenty years of an evolved repertoire […]

I love this fashion film for Rickyy Wong, especially the picture on picture action.  Featuring Wong’s SS15 La Soif de L’Amour – L’Éternité, the collection itself is about the desire of love.  Inspired by the fourth painting ‘Love Letter’, from a series of artworks ‘The Progress of Love’, by JH. Fragonard, which shows the meaning of […]

When It Comes To Love, These Prints Speak Louder Than Words

The ‘Eros Ludic Editon N.3’  FW 14/15 collection by Sans Tabù’ is said to be celebrating sensuality + a joyful physical connection, thanks to the naughty prints, that might make some blush.  All-over print silk sleepwear + intimates that include Kimonos, Short Slips, Culottes, PJ Pants + Shirts + Camisoles make up the collection. Mirror Mirror, Pillow Talk + […]