A Bag Collection To Match With This Year’s Pantone Colors

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but, pastels make great neutrals, similar to grey, black, navy + brown. And with this year’s Pantone colors being Serenity + Rose Quartz, a soft pink + a light blueish-lavender, there is no mistaking any of these bags will accessorize either color perfectly. The ‘Pack Bag Collection’ by AliK, a […]

Whoever Said Utility + Luxury Don’t Mix?

Trends come + go, but minimalist + utilitarian looks, seem to always withstand time. Be it for the love of simplicity, if not a political statement against the trend obsessed sheep, these days, function follows form in a fast paced world, full of new technologies sprouting every second, allowing for utility to become an esthetic […]

How To Make Brushing Your Teeth A Luxe Experience

As far as luxury goes, the closest thing anyone’s ever going to come to when referring to gold in their mouth, one usually thinks about grills + caps. But Swiss Smile has come up with a way to grant you that wish, for a fraction of the cost, while making a mundane habit super luxe. […]

Leather Bags By Barbara Rihl Make Perfect Travel Companions With Fun Details

I love how much fun these bags by Barbara Rihl are, which she affectionately refers to as ‘happy travel companions’.  Made of precious Italian leather, each one has its own name + its own distinct witty detail.  ’Carine In Rome‘ (above) is a crossover bag in pink grained leather with fun faux details including pockets […]

Gucci Blows Up With Timeless Luxe For Fall

While looking through the pics of Gucci’s Fall collection, I couldn’t help but think about Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film ‘Blow-Up’ starring Vanessa Redgrave (a must see).  ’Blow Up’ is about a fashion photographer who may or may not have witnessed a murder in ‘trendy London’, which was a place full of stylish + fun fashions.  I […]