‘The Stendahl Syndrome’ By Clara Cullen, A Shoppable Fashion Film For Luisviaroma.com

Love fashion films as much as I do?  What about one with a motion-touch, shoppable interactive feature?  Well that’s exactly what luxe Luisviaroma.com had director Clara Cullen create with film ’The Stendahl Syndrome’.  Now ‘Stendahl Syndrome’ is the phenomenon of a psychosomatic disorder first identified by the eponymous 19th-century French author, who posited that an experience of great beauty could cause bouts of […]

When You’re Small In Size But Big In Personality, These Are The Heels To Wear

Could you believe these were heels customized for the iconic sex symbol Mae West?                     (photo: Granger) Known mostly for her sex appeal + biting wit, that included double entendres like, ‘When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad I’m better’, when standing below […]

Here’s AnOther Magazine’s take on ‘Modern Couture’, the accompanying film to their autumn/winter 2012 issue.  With a fashion story shot by Ruth Hogben and styled by Katie Shillingford (new fashion director for AnOther Magazine), you get to see different pieces shimmy, wraparound, slink and sway from couture of days past into couture of the 21st […]