The Sexy Irony Of Fashion Film ‘Show Me More’, 2015 BFFF’s Winner For Best Hair + Make-Up

You have to love the irony of fashion film ‘Show Me More’, winner of this year’s ‘Best Hair + Make-Up’ at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival (BFFF). Directed by Thomas Kruesselmann with hair + make-up by Dagmar Schwarz, you have a model enter a room, with a double-sided mirror, in nothing but her underwear + a […]

Eternal Beauty on Filmmaker George Harvey + London-based makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver step up the make-up tutorial with plenty of style + graphic detail in fashion film ‘Eternal Beauty’.  Featuring four looks from the 1960s to the 1990s, starring Li Wei, winner of China’s NSR Model Look Competition, if you haven’t mastered the eyeliner flick from the Sixties, […]