Lose Yourself In Fantasy With Hunger’s Beauty Story, ‘Caught Up’

There’s nothing I love more than obscuring a face with black netting or lace, especially when done up like these ladies here in beauty story ‘Caught Up’ for Hunger magazine. Using MAC cosmetics, makeup artist Marco Antonio, transforms each face into that of a vixen or femme fatale, perfectly captured by photographer Mark Cant. The […]

Beautiful Portraits Inspired By Shamanism, Sacred Geometry + Wisdom

Stylist/Shaman Mia Morgan‘s, make-up/body paint artist Georgina Billington‘s + photographer Lindsay Adler‘s collaboration resulted in the beautiful photographic series ‘Visionary Art Project‘, based on the expansion of consciousness through art. Inspired by shamanism, wisdom + sacred geometry, each design was created with a different concept based on these inspos. For more on the ‘Visionary Art Project’, go to kickstarter. (via […]

My Love For Blogging Sweetens Thanks to IFB Conference

(photo: Driely S.) Not only is the IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) community awesome + incredibly generous, when attending my first IFB Conference (IFB Con) earlier this week, just confirmed that and a whole lot more. On Day One, I found it funny how fashion bloggers were fashionably late with a line around the corner still […]

Beth Ditto’s Collection For MAC Cosmetics Is Finally Coming Home – Here She Is Above, In The Behind-The-Scenes Video With Her Momma, Getting All Done Up For Her Photo Shoot. (Living for the picture above with surrealist elements and don’t get me started on the complimentary nail art – Gorgeous!) With all the buzz surrounding Yayoi Kusama’s […]