Release Your Mind & Body In Queens At Spec-Chuan Movement & Arts Center

chuan xie, scma, cause and yvette

A few weeks ago, after attending an early morning Saturday dance class at Spec-Chuan Movement & Arts Center (SCMA), I started crushing on Queens in a big way. I took my first ever Bollywood class (part of their World Series classes), taught by Sankalp Sharma. Much to my surprise, not only did my body break […]

It’s Showtime Everybody, Everybody Clap Your Hands!

For his ‘Showtime’ series, fashion photographer Sam Nixon focuses his lens on the guerrilla dance crews breathing new life into New York’s subway system.  It’s mind blowing how these dancers manage to measure their proxemics between seated + standing commuters to their props in the form of poles + overhead bars in a blink! What makes these […]