A ‘Modern-Day Urban Warrior’ Takes Over PFW 2015

Manish Arora is one of my favorite designers because of his relentless use of bold color, decoration + interesting silhouettes. But when he picked French photographer Charles Fréger, to shoot Arora’s guerrilla poster campaign featuring his Fall 2015 collection, his looks took on a whole new level. You see, Fréger’s expertise lies in his series of portraits of sportsmen + soldiers, which […]

Manish Arora’s Tribal Candy Store

When designing his Fall collection, Manish Arora must have been eating a lot of candy.  Models came out with looks that had literal prints of candy including cupcakes + rainbow sprinkles.  The sneakers also depicted a sweet tooth with a mix of bright colors with a heart on the tongue while hats were topped with a […]

Wake up to the beautiful fashion film ‘Holi Holy’ by designer Manish Arora + directed by Bharat Sikka.  Winner of the ASVOFF 6 Gran Prix, Best Sound, + Best Emerging Talent awards, ‘Holi Holy’, conceptualized + styled by Manish Arora, also starred the beautiful musician + contemporary artist Bishi. The film celebrates widows from Varanasi, […]