Beach Bums AKA Strandbeests Invade Art Basel Miami

When I first saw Dutch artist Theo Jensen’s ‘Strandbeests’, his kinetic wind-powered creatures moving, my jealousy grew at a ferocious rate, knowing I won’t be able to see them at this year’s Art Basel Miami. Six kinetic creatures that eat ‘wind’ for power, with the largest measuring 42ft long, took over the beachfront. With skeletons made […]

More Reasons To Heart Marc

(photo: Fernanda Calfata) Besides the clothes, accessories, fragrances and just the man himself, after hearing Marc Jacobs at the 92Y this past Wednesday, I left loving him even more.  Part of the Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis series, Marc’s raw honesty, enthusiasm + ‘exaggerated’ humility (like dropping the names of his nutritionist, psychiatrist, tattoo artist + […]