‘Sadly By Your Side’ Has Nothing Sad About It, But What Is It?

Is it a debut album?  Is it a book?  Is it an iPhone app?  Is it an interactive video?  Well, what if I were to tell you it’s all of the above?!  (photos: Creative Applications Network) Developed for electronic musician edisonnoside by graphic designer Matteo Di lorio, ’Sadly By Your Side’, the eight-song album, book + iOS app, […]

No. 24 from Amadéus Leopold on Myspace. Prepare to be seduced by Amadéus Leopold, the genius + eccentric violinist, in his music video premiere for ‘No. 24’.  A musical prodigy + protégé of Itzhak Perlman, Leopold pairs his virtuosity with pop appeal + a very eclectic fashion sense (known to wear COMME des GARÇONS + Alexander McQueen on stage).    I […]

Get Ready To Be Chairlifted! Here’s Chairlift‘s music vid for their new single, ‘Amanaemonesia’ (try saying that real fast) from their new album ‘Something’ available now.  The Brooklyn-based self-described “surrealist pop” duo, made up of Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly, managed to create an experience alike no other.  Referencing a conceptual time and place made possible with a […]

OK Go’s Vid for ‘Skyscrapers’ makes me love Tango that much more.  Directed by longtime collaborator Trish Sie, also seen here dancing with the smooth Moti Buchboot, I can’t say I’ve ever seen the rainbow portrayed quite like this in an urban landscape – the right amount of color to brighten anyone’s day. I never […]