A Few Of My Spring Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite picks, guaranteed to help you welcome Spring in style. How about this amazing 1–Jojo Reversible Poncho by NEHERA, OPENING CEREMONY, which can be worn backwards, or not? 2-To add that punch of color, try this Clio Ring by ANDRA NEEN on for size, BONA DRAG. 3-In this Floral-appliqué Striped Asymmetric-hem Dress by A.W.A.KE is sure […]

Fashion Film ‘SHOWER | AUTIE’ Shows You A Different Way On How To Shower

I love this fashion film called ‘SHOWER | AUTIE’ featuring a woman dressed in Autie clothing, as she prepares to jump in the shower then in the tub.  The simplicity of the garments, mixed with the lunacy of showering while dressed, is perfectly tied together by its twisted soundtrack.  The song ‘faking jazz together’ by […]

WANTED: The Dark Cube Bag By Lamat

How perfect is this bag?  Not only is it useful, it’s sculpturally beautiful, with timeless style + appeal. ‘The Dark Cube Bag’ by Lamat, created using leather + wood, is all about minimalism.  With only one pocket for holding documents, cash + such, life couldn’t be simpler + so chic!   Available for purchase at Not Just […]

A Scarf That Wraps You With Geometric Allure

models wearing Geometric scarves by designer Aiste Nesterovaite for cause and yvette

A scarf on its own is already geometric as a long rectangle. However, this scarf by accessories designer Aiste Nesterovaite, full of geometric angles and curves can’t help but relish in its originality. Very few scarves can be this versatile. This scarf can be worn as a collar, necklace or just as a scarf, like this one. What […]