A View Inside Hunt Slonem’s Menagerie Of Painted Birds

Birds by Hunt Slonem cause and yvette

As a lover of birds from a very early age myself, there was no denying Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, would be a book I would instantly gravitate to. What makes Hunt’s work so striking is not so much his brilliant use of color + repetition, but it’s also the tactile […]

Michael Dotson Plays With Painted Patterns

‘Couch Painting’ Addicted to patterns of all types, when I saw Michael Dotson‘s paintings, I gagged.  A lot of which look like digital art, including ‘Couch Painting’ above, bearing a likeness to glitch-art, it’s hard to believe it was created with a paintbrush + acrylic paint. ‘Night Bright’ + ‘Dreamhouse #1’ ‘Gesture Control’ A lot […]